DreamerFest 2023

DreamerFest 2023 was a big success!  A huge thank you to all the performers and staff who made this event happen.  A special thank you to Luckenback for allowing us the space and time to present the outstanding line-up of talent.  Please visit the performer’s links below and show some support for their efforts. 

Big John Mills,  Missoula Slim,  Jason “The Rev” Woolery

James Hearne,  Long Prairie,  Sammy Wells

Andrew Blanton Lynn CrossettSam Downing

Mark Jungers with Soldier Songs & Voices

DreamerFest 2022

A special thanks to all the artists who performed at the 2022 DreamerFest. We appreciate the time and effort you put into making DreamerFest 2022 a spectacular event.

  Big John Mills, Missoula Slim, Jason “The Rev” Woolery

 Sterling Finlay, Dallas Burrow, Mark Jungers

  Noel McKay, Dustin Welch, HalleyAnna Finlay

  John Arthur Martinez, Shelley King, Carolyn Wonderland